3 tips to Glowing skin!

Spring is a time for 'New Beginnings'. Everything is bright and cheery and many things ready to pop out of the ground and come alive. After packing on the layers all winter- it's time to unveil and bring on that fresh, vibrant, glowing skin.

These tips are a sure thing to get your skin glowing and make you feel lighter:

1. Get started with a scrub or enzyme peel.
If you have not implemented a scrub or enzyme peel into your home care regime, now is the time. If you like a scrub make sure it is gentle and the exfoliating agent is water soluble, dissolves and is non abrasive on your skin. Apricot kernels, nut husks, fruit seeds,and sugar can be rough or not break down leaving the skin over irritated. A few gentler choices to look for in a scrub or exfoliating product are jojoba beads, micronized natural exfoliants like rice or walnut based powders, silica, and fruit enzymes will easily dissolve, polish and exfoliate the dead skin cells.
Fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple work well for there digestive properties, breaking down impurities, dead skin cells leaving the skin lighter, brighter and smooth. An exfoliating scrub or enzyme peel should be used weekly or bi-weekly following cleansing and toning the skin.  

2. Consider a series of Chemical Peels
This is a perfect time of year when the sun is not at it's peak and winter has hopefully come and gone to start a series of Chemical Peels. A chemical peel can feel slightly tingly, mild redness, cumulative weekly and not have to be so aggressive as for example; Samantha in the episode of Sex and the city where her skin was so raw, red and sore she dreaded to see anyone to achieve and notice improvement. Who should have a chemical peel? If your complexion is dry, dull, rough, uneven texture, ruddy, acne scarring, age or pigment spots, fine lines and wrinkles then a series of chemical peels is right for you. What results will I see? You will notice a healthy, brighter, smoother, softer skin.
3. Change it up
Just like with the time change we need to change up our skincare regime; specifically our care creams or moisturizers. Sometimes the same cream you use all year while it may be great in the winter with the cold weather however during the months of spring and summer when the humidity and heat are high our skin requires a lighter cream for optimal results.


What do you want to peel away this Spring?