Hands down- It's a Tough life

How often do you think of the care of your hands? 

The most forgotten area when it comes to skincare, treatment and prevention. The skincare industry continues to grow each and every day with the latest treatments, ingredients and procedures for anti-aging- to a new youthful face.

Today, so many women treat and look after their faces however neglect their hands other than the day to day hand cream. When we look down at those hands they show signs of age and at times more than the face. Why do the hands show the first signs of age before the face? We have been educated to wear sunscreen, glasses, wide rimmed hats, makeup to protect our face when were young. Our hands on the other hand are exposed to the sun, wind, extreme cold and harsh chemicals daily.

Women then reach their early 40s and start to notice age spots, discoloration, rough texture and loss of volume.We already know that if our faces are unprotected from the sun we see aging, spots in the skin same culprit for the hands- The sun is the main reason the aging shows up the collagen is depleted which happens naturally due to aging, and prolonged exposure to the sun can contribute to it's loss.

Our hands are one area on the body that see the most sun over our lifetime.

What can be done to treat your hands?

There are treatments like microdermabrasion to soften, smooth, brighten the skin. Photo rejuvenation is a wonderful series of treatments to target and lift the age spots while at the same time the collagen is stimulated to plump up the skin to reinforce the anti-aging benefits.

Some good reminders to care for your hands- wear gloves when cleaning and gardening. Carry sunscreen when driving or out for a walk and reapply often throughout the day to protect your hands from the sun. Condition your hands twice daily with a good moisturizer to keep them hydrated and plump. Keep your hands in tip top shape. After all, you want to keep them guessing your age for years to come!  

Have you considered care for your hands?