Healthy benefits of a Facial Massage

Did you know that a facial massage can provide you with a wealth of benefits to your skin, health and overall well being?


A facial massage offers the following:

    -stimulates circulation;
    -relieves sinus congestion and migraine headaches;
    -boosts mood;
    -stimulates the oil production from the sebaceous gland;
    -relaxes the nerves;
    -releases toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles;
    -oxygenates skin tissues;
    -slows the aging process
    -relieve stress;
    -hydrates by bringing nutrients to the surface layer of the skin;
    -increases lymphatic flow;
    -eases muscles tension;
    -overall relaxation; and
    -regular facial massages can provide a firmer radiant skin.

Just remember the more you reward and take some time for yourself the more pumped and productive you are daily!