What do your Lips say about you?

Did you know your lips not only need special care but they can tell alot about you.

How often do you care for your lips?

The tissue on your lips is very thin and can become dry especially in our climate. Since we brush our teeth daily, once a week gently brush your lips which will lift off the dead skin. Follow with a lip care product that has a combination of moisturizing oils, anti-aging ingredients and a physical sunscreen. This is important as our lips contain no melanin so they can easily burn.

 At Experience You we offer a Youthful Lip Smoothing treatment, an excellent treatment to combat the signs of age, hydrate and redefine the contours of your lips.

What lips do you have?

Full Lips - signs of confidence, rich, pouty, some of the most admired, fun-filled and radiate a self-assured personality. A sign of a great big laugh is a signature element.

Thin Lips - calm, balanced personality, might appear shy and too modest, sensible look of their lips can be indeed misleading as they might appear. They can be loving and super kind if you manage to convince them of your loyalty and honesty.

Downward-Turning Lips - often creating the impression of a sad face, more mysterious and sultry look, which leads us to consider this person as having to may secrets and staying always in the background.

Heart-Shaped Lips - seductive, sensual, best area to accentuate, independence and confidence are additional traits that can be read out of these cute-shaped lips. The need for love and kindness is important for these people.

Pucker up this month and show off those lips!