Effects of cold weather and your skin.

Winter can take a real beating not only on our roads but our Skin and Body as well.


With the chilly cold air, furnaces pumping and the static electricity out of control -- No wonder my skin feels so dry and flaky. Look at my hair, dry, frizzy, static and these nails cracked and split.

What can I do?
First, and foremost you need to load up on a really great moisturizer with good oils like hazelnut, squalane (extracted from olives) and safflower oil. Watch out for irritants, chemicals, parabens and fragrance,these can be drying and will irritate the most sensitive skin. Add a extra boost of moisture through the day with a hydrating mist, a good one Pevonia's Phyto-Aromatic Mist with hyaluronic acid.

Grab your favorite scrub and loofah glove and scrub away from your feet all the way up to your chest, really get that circulation moving. Tip: Once you step out of the shower dry off lightly and apply your moisturizer, this way you lock in all the moisture in your skin. In the winter exfoliate more often, weekly is desired. Choose a gentle scrub or an enzyme based product for your delicate face as well visit your Esthetician for a Facial.

Have you tried a Leave In Conditioner before? Give it a try for frizzy, dry, out of control hair.

 When the hair is damp spray or apply a dollop all over the hair and work it in. This works like a charm!  


Rub a little cuticle cream into your nails and apply all over your hands. A good time is right before bed this way your hands and nails will repair will you sleep. As an alternative if you have coconut oil on hand this will work as well.

Ensure you take your daily dose of hemp or flax oils to get enough internal moisture as well.

Be kind and gentle with the skin your in!