It's a Delicate zone

Did you know... 


The eyes are the:
- focal point of your face.
- most expressive area.
- thinnest and most delicate skin on your body.

The eyes are the first to show visible signs of aging due to their fragility and daily exposure to environmental aggressions. I find there is many people who often neglect this area when it is an important feature that requires attention. Facial expressions daily create creases over time that become pronounced.

Environmental damage, such as pollutants and sun exposure are responsible for 75% of premature fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Fluid retention and fat accumulation within the eyelids along with the passing of time can lead to the unpleasant looks of puffiness and/or bagginess, accentuating the signs of aging even more.

Leading causes of age around the eye area: age, sunglasses, squinting, stress, free radicals from environmental damage, allergies, inflammation, pigmentation, and lifestyle.  

 What can you do?

Their are professional In-clinic eye treatments at Experience You that can be added onto any treatment or done alone as well home care products available to target these symptoms. Effectively rejuvenating not just the contour of the eyes, but also the overall face appearance, and protect it from further damage. Results can be renewed, replenished and visibly repair the eye area with minimized lines and wrinkles.

How do you take care of the area around your eyes?