How seaweed plays more than a role in water

Seawater is so close to our bodies internal environment. Our bodies need replenishment of minerals and vitamins. Seawater is the perfect ideal balance of this composition to boosting cell function.

There are three important seaweeds that are used by many skin, body care companies today. Primarily, for there mineralizing effect and abundance in vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements and amino acids. 

What are these three seaweeds:


Laminaria Digitata- Large brown algae, mineralizing, high content of water-therefore stays plump retains water, hydrating, enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids essential to the skin. active against cellulite, detox treatment. 

2013-08-04 19.53.44.jpg

Fucus Vesiculous- Known by the common name bladderwrack, high iodine content, enriched with vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, anti-inflammatory, soothe relax muscles act as laxative, digestive issues.


Spirulina Maxima- Blue-green algae, enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, mineralizing, hydrating, rich plant based protein

When we think of skincare, treatments, bodycare how do we preserve the integrity of the seaweed while still receiving the results we want to achieve in the skin.

With heat and chemicals we know how these play a role to alter the nutrients in our food. To preserve the integrity of the nutrients in seaweed, freeze drying is one process that is the most effective instead of the use of heat or chemicals. A cold water process removes the water creating a dry matter- freeze drying the matter in it's complete concentrated form of the active ingredient- seaweed. Further more this form of preserving the active ingredient actively penetrates more readily into the skin for better absorption, hence better result achieved.

In Pevonia there is several skincare treatments and body treatments that seaweeds are used as well the process of freeze drying to ensure the best result and nutrients in the skin.

Have you received a skin or body treatment with the nutrient rich seaweed? How do you use seaweed?