12 things to know if you are too High Maintenance

What does High Maintenance mean to you? We all want to spoil ourselves and don't we deserve the little luxuries in life, so does that make us a Princess?! We work hard for our money to pay for the many things as a women we need, require, love the most. If men really only knew...


I'd like to think of it as what ever makes you feel absolutely wonderful than go for it! You truly do deserve it, whether it be in moderation daily, or monthly. Here are some of the top ten that really resonate whether that would mean they fit into High Maintenance? 

  1. Cashmere v. Wool
  2. Desserts- bring on the cupcake and the doughnut with all the trimmings- chocolate dark v. milk and none of that 'pot of gold'
  3. A shoe collection worthy enough to be put in the will
  4. Camping over a Resort
  5. Did I mention the weather... a coat for more than 2 seasons, oh and a bag to match
  6. Paisley, solid, print, lace- Yes, we do have more than one bra
  7. Facials a must monthly- keeps the skin 'glowing'
  8. Nanny prerequisite in these times, wait list years...
  9. Nails trimmed, manicured every three weeks
  10. Organic v. Non organic
  11. Laptop, smart phone, tablet
  12. 800ct linen sheets

This list could carry on I am sure. I think High Maintenance may make one feel great and I do not think there is anything wrong with that! What would you add? What is one of your favourites Princess! wink...