5 ways to enhance Detoxification

Spring is here... Time to start a cleanse, detox and eat lighter. Beauty begins with what you eat! Glowing skin and hair are signs of a healthy digestive system. When you glow on the inside, the outside will show in your appearance. 


Here are 5 ways to help get you started on your way to enhance detoxification.

  1. Lemon/Water- Start your day with the juice from half a lemon and water at room temp. for added cleanse benefits add a little cayenne pepper.
  2. Juicing- Load up your juicer with greens, vegetables, & fruit. Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, add a apple or orange to sweeten along with lemon and ginger. A good way to start on a cleanse,detox with all your vital nutrients.
  3. Dry brushing- Stimulate lymphatic system-boost metabolism. Before you begin your morning shower. Start at your ankles and work your way up to the heart, counter clockwise around your belly, underarms down toward heart and aim for the heart for your back. Be gentle around the breasts and work the buttocks and thighs well to stimulate the flow of cellulite.
  4. Castor oil packs- Immune stimulation, digestive support, leaky gut, stimulate lymphatic flow. Spread castor oil lightly over a flannel cloth and rub together. Place the flannel on the abdomen over the liver to below belly button. Cover the flannel with plastic and then a thick towel to hold in heat. Please a hot water bottle or heating pad over the towel for 60 minutes. Relax during this time, great before bed. Remove the pack and rub in the remaining oil in the skin or rub off with towel. Apply castor packs at least 4 days consecutively out of 7 days of the week. Note: Do not apply castor packs on the abdomen during menstruation or pregnancy.  
  5. Contrast Showers- When we shower in hot water for less than 5 minutes and cold water for less than 1 minute , it has a stimulating effect on our entire body. Increase blood circulation, stimulate immune system, metabolism and strengthen the nervous system. Begin your day with a contrast shower. At the end of your shower, alternate hot and cold water, hot for 3 minutes and cold for 30 seconds, repeat this hot-cold pattern 3 times, ending with COLD! You will feel invigorated and your showers will never be the same again.

To look younger, feel younger and glow you have to help yourself to get there. Christie Brinkley looks fabulous at 60! She knows what it takes to look younger and feel great, yes she is a celebrity however at the age of 13 she became a Vegan, along with fitness and the essential monthly facial, she knew what it took to make a difference in her life. Take small steps if you find that things are out of balance and with a few detoxification ideas to add daily it may add improvement on how you look and feel!

What do you do to enhance detoxification? Do you add a cleanse in your routine?