13 things about Accutane you may not have known...

These days many teens to adults suffer from Acne. Beginning from adolescence to adulthood the hormones can get our of control and create all kinds of acne troubles. For a child, teen it can put a dapper on self esteem and bring on stress. For a women, at times it is near the monthly cycle that hormonal issues set in with acne outbursts. There is various treatments from BBL Acne Light therapy to Acne facials and proper skincare that makes a difference in the skin to clear the way. One must also remember to consider the diet and make changes as well looking internally for some added assistance from a naturopath that can be helpful.

"It is not always treating on the outside but also treating from within that makes a difference"!

Many give up all to soon and visit their physician for Accutane an Acne oral medication that has been around for sometime known to help put Acne to a stop. Does it really or just put a bandaid on it for a short time and not really treat the cause to begin with, furthermore with all the side effects why would you want to choose Accutane?  

Have you seen how many side effects with Accutane?

  1. Neurological disorders
  2. Depression
  3. Dry skin
  4. Dry membranes
  5. Skin irritation/infections
  6. Photo-sensitivity-Sun
  7. Inflammation
  8. Nose bleeds
  9. Joint pain
  10. Mood changes
  11. Mental disorder-loss of normal
  12. Suicide thoughts
  13. Stomach cramps/upsets/signs of Inflammatory bowel disease

The list could go on...

This is one client's experience with Accutane at what she did to help control her Acne without Accutane!

When I was a teenager I struggled with cystic acne. It was extremely damaging to my self-esteem and got to the point where I would miss school and would never leave my room. I lived in a small town and didn't have a lot of options to help so when I saw a doctor they decided Accutane would be the best solution for me. We went over the risks involved but in all honesty I didn't care at that point, I just wanted it gone! We proceeded with the medication and I had to have routine blood samples to make sure my liver and everything else was okay.

Sure, Accutane temporarily relieved my acne, but at a price! During the time I was taking the medication it felt like a chemical burn. My lips and skin peeled for almost the entire time (3 months) and was very painful. During the time I could not take any Vitamin A, go into the sun, have any waxing done, absolutely no alcohol (not a good thing as I was a teenager who didn't think of the consequences), and so on and so on.

In the end it cleared my cystic acne, but would I do it again? No. To this day I cannot see at night, which was one of the risks. I have large amounts of scar tissue on my right kidney that has caused a huge amount of pain in my adult life. And because of this medication I will live with these side effects forever.

Fast forward 10 years down the road and I am now in my mid-twenties. My cystic acne flares up again! It might be from hormones as I had my second son 10 months earlier but it came back. Now that I lived in Calgary, AB I had more options to help treat and control my acne. I went to a spa that specialized in cystic acne. I was spending on average $500 a month on products and $200 on treatments. The facial I was receiving actually made things worse. I was devastated! When I was younger I thought I would grow out of this and to have it again after everything I went through was just so upsetting. I was quickly becoming broke and couldn't afford the treatments, plus they were not working so I was looking into Accutane again. In the meantime I found Laura at Experience You in Evergreen and decided to set up a consultation. I am so lucky I found Laura before going back on Accutane (that's how desperate I was), who knows what my kidneys and vision would be like if I did.

Laura went over my skin type, diet, and the best treatment plan using BBL (Broad Band Light therapy) with a very affordable skincare line for acne. I go once a month to control my breakouts and after a couple of treatments I could see a HUGE difference.

I hear a lot of people (women mostly) talking about how their acne came back and they are sick of it and I tell them about my experience. The first thing they say is “oh it's too expensive to go every month”. You go when you need to; I go monthly because I need to. But in all honesty, I use to pay close to $700 a month so $100 a month can't get any better for me! I have spent so much time and suffering (and money) trying to find a solution. I know everyone is different and will react differently to any treatment but please before you decide Accutane, look at ALL your options. Your body will thank you later down the road.  Carolyn.

How about you. Have you tried Accutane? What was your experience? Would you try a treatment that would be healthy for you and still could control Acne?