5 reasons to perk up your skin this Fall!

We love Fall...and why not extended summer warmth, colors are gorgeous, cool nights to sleep and the kids are back to school!

Did you fall off track this summer with your skincare? Let's get back on track! 

New Season, New Look

Exfoliate- Freshen up from head to toe. Did you weather well this summer? Lots of summer heat, late nights, skin parched, dry, kissed by the sun. Lighten, brighten and take off those summer layers- skin ready to go. Got pigmentation, spots, it's a good time to start a series of IPL photo rejuvenation treatments, or Micro-Retinol peels. For home care add the New Lumablanc cream by Pevonia nightly to lighten up pigmentation. Keep your sunscreen handy for daily application especially with a series of IPL treatments or Micro-Retinol peels. 

Moisturize- hydrate that parched skin. With a new season means it's time to change up your cream, a little more richer for face and a body milk for the body. Keep the water flowing for internal love!

EyeCare- de-stress and refresh those eyes. Fatigue, stressed, tired eyes after all those sleepless summer nights, why not add on a eye treatment on your next facial? There is an eye treatment for cooling, relaxing, de compress or and eye treatment for tired, wrinkled, need a little lift-pick me up treatment. Why not try them both, you will not go wrong and at this time of year as the clocks fall back you want to keep those eyes looking sharp!

Keep Glowing- Summer may have faded but a natural healthy glow for the face and body will keep summer alive! It's only natural bronzer by Colorescience or Lavera self tanner is all you need for your face and body!

Add Color- Fall...the season to be BOLD! Do you dare? Have some fun with red, purple, blue, fushia. Benecos new to Experience You is a natural, organic makeup line. Healthy and safe for you in all the favorite colors for Lips & Eyes!  

What skincare goals do you have planned this fall?