Winterize your skin

With winter here it's that time that you winterize, tune up your vehicle to brave whatever weather comes your way... So, why leave your skin behind?

Get your skin in shape this winter to relieve the effects of dry, flaky, irritated, itchy, inflamed skin.

Exfoliate- weekly or bi-weekly depending on the condition of the skin. Pevonia's Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream will not only lift away dry dead skin cells and impurities but leave you looking and feeling brighter especially on those gloomy winter days. Enriched with Papaya and Pineapple extracts the smell will leave you with a smile!

Hydration- In the winter months our skin requires more nourishment. Reach for a richer cream, more oils, abundant in Hyaluronic acid to lock moisture in the skin. Day and Night apply your cream. For extra nourishment especially while you sleep. Pevonia's Vitaminic Concentrate is beneficial for evening care. Your skin will love it as it seals in all the vitamins and safflower oil in your skin. Wake up with a glow!

Give your body the same routine. Dry brushing the body daily will exfoliate the dry, flaky skin as well rev up the metabolism, move the lymph and stimulate the circulation. Hydrate the body after you step out of the shower with Lavera Body lotions , natural and organic. Keep shower water to warm not to hot to avoid stripping the oils from the skin.

Internal Hydration- Keep well hydrated on the inside, drink water and lots of it daily! Winter we need for extra oils for that internal love to keep us nourished well. Add in evening primrose oil, hemp oil, flax, cod liver oil, fish oils for your Omega 3 as well extra fats from eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil and chia. Whip up a bowl of chia pudding to get a healthy boost of Omega 3 and protein to start your day.  

Are you ready to get your skin in shape this winter?