Hormonal Changing Skin

You're not alone! It's natural to feel those days when our emotions are running high, moods up and down, fuzzy brain, hot then cold, night sweats the list goes on... the transition phase of hormonal fluctuation leading into Menopause can be anything but comfortable. 

With so many internal changes going on within us we then stop and notice how much our skin has changed through this process.  Our skin can change overtime or quickly we notice more dryness, rosy cheeks, easily blush, vascular vessels and several unwanted pigment spots appear. 

Through this phase of Menopause the drop in Estrogen and Progestrone it is clear how the skin can be effected. What can you do? Seek the help of a Natuorpath to assist balancing the hormones. Have a visit with your Esthetician to access the best treatment and skincare moving forward. Many treatments like facials regularly can help alleviate dryness. A series of photo facials to target the pigment spots or a series of peels for healthier younger glowing skin.

Many of the changes with the skin can be related to what is happening in your diet as well, good time to have a look to see what can be added. Have you loaded up on extra oils?-dryness, inflammation. Omega 3 oils, good fats of nuts, seeds, eggs, avocados.

Allow yourself the time to recognize what your feeling, deal with things as they come, be on top of it and be gentle with yourself. You will be well on your way!   

What changes have you experienced and what are you doing that is helpful?