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Light Therapy one of the most popular beauty treatments. The use of light to stimulate collagen production and supply energy to cells in the dermis in a non-invasive approach. The Kinelift treatment uses light emitting diodes (LED), Photo energy at 640nm and Micro-currents applied simultaneously.  With the use of this function we can provide an advanced treatment solution to fight the aging process at the epidermal, dermal and muscular levels within the skin.  Kinelift a combination of light therapy and micro-currents to achieve maximum facial and muscle rejuvenation. A Dermalift treatment uses micro-current energy to increase the production of ATP, your own chemical energy.  The use of Micro-currents are used to stimulate energy into sagging, elongated muscles thereby re-educating muscles to restore their original length. 

Can Light Therapy/Micro-Currents be used on all Clients?

The treatment can be performed on healthy skin free of infections, inflammatory conditions.  A treatment cannot be performed on a client who is pregnant, epileptic, pacemaker, metallic inserts on treatment site, insulin dependent diabetics, auto-immune illnesses, sensitive to light, photo-sensitive drugs, and photo-sensitization disorders. 

What results will I see after a Series of treatments?

Increased cell renewal, decreased pore size, decreased redness and pigmentation problems, increased collagen production, increased smoother skin and decreased wrinkles. Lifted sagging muscles, restored muscle tone.

How many treatments?

For optimum lifting results, treatments should be performed twice a week. For special occasions, three treatments performed during the same week, preceding the event. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Depending on the age and condition of skin a series of 8-12 treatments would be recommended. Treatment results will last up to three months depending on age and skin condition. Maintenance- twice a month to maintain results.   

Kinelift/Dermalift Therapy- 30 minutes $80 per treatment (in a series 8 treatments $570)









Free Skin Consultations

A skin consultation is recommended so we may better access your needs and give you a personalized treatment plan. We are here to answer your skin care questions.